An Excerpt From The Upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien

IMAGE/ART: Elie Wolf

My personal history includes being a painter. The canvases I’ve produced over the years are far too many for my wall space and have grown much too large for my vehicle to transport. I’m loving the ways that digital photography and graphic arts are allowing me to produce my paintings in pixels. It’s fun, full of potentialities, and logistically and environmentally less messy.

I’ve always said, when nurturing self-doubting artistic friends and acquaintances, that we are artists because The Universe saw fit to open these inspirational portals within us. We need so many artists because we need to be able to reach so many different types of people and personalities.

We are filters for information. While we may develop our skills, and gain access to many different types of media, we are all just messengers.

Do I mean that we are in some way superior to others? Certainly not! Artists are people who are absolutely compelled to create. We are gifted the materials by The Universe and Earth on which we live. After all, we aren’t designing the elements are we?

IMAGE/ART: Elie Wolf

Artists are just moving the elements around — like a kaleidoscope — offering people different perspectives on this thing we call living. Artists call the audience to question: What does this piece mean about how I should live?

My personal mission is to call people to look upon wildlife & the natural world in a deeper way. I call them to stand in awe of the magnificence of other creatures, and I beg them to consider their personal impact, and what they may do to help turn things around in a positive way, for all beings. I won’t reach every human. That does not constitute failure, as there is no “right” artistic piece or way to create, despite what many people may believe.

Sure, we can teach techniques and hone skills, but art cannot be put in a box. We cannot and should not, attempt to urge people to “do art” in a certain way. We need diversity. We need unique, myriad voices.

By definition, we artists color outside the lines if we feel compelled to do so, and in this way, with so many different artists, styles, and messages, we connect people with hints at the meaning that they seek in their lives. We are successful by simply executing our process. Even a piece unfinished art can be of grand significance, and so I urge you to never feel like a failure in the realm of art.

Follow your instincts, and create your piece. Money and fame are not the determinants of the significance of a work. Reaching even one person, artist included, is what really matters.

amateur wildlife & conservation photographer. naturalist. the girl with the alligator tattoo.

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