My Journey From Surgeon To Wildlife Photographer (Excerpt from the upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

Medium is such a great place to read inspirational writings and obtain advice on a multitude of topics. There is no shortage of “how to” articles and diverging opinions on just what to do in order to be successful.

But you know what? I just don’t think it is a straight shot for the vast majority of us. I think a lot of times we compare ourselves to what we “ought” to be doing, according to other “experts”, when really…

An Excerpt From The Upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien

IMAGE/ART: Elie Wolf

My personal history includes being a painter. The canvases I’ve produced over the years are far too many for my wall space and have grown much too large for my vehicle to transport. I’m loving the ways that digital photography and graphic arts are allowing me to produce my paintings in pixels. It’s fun, full of potentialities, and logistically and environmentally less messy.

I’ve always said, when nurturing self-doubting artistic friends and acquaintances, that we are artists because The Universe saw fit to open these inspirational…

A Heartwarming Story About Humans Who Care (Excerpt From the Upcoming Book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien)

It is so interesting to me that on Veterans’ Day, it just so happened that the essay I was to transfer into my upcoming book, was this one — a tale of two quarreling eagles in the fight for their lives. I couldn’t help but consider the state of our country, and the numerous parallels. Humans typically believe their address, and their events in space-time are unique, but any student of history can find relevant historical events that tend to…

Why Folks Like Me Aren’t As Popular As Career Coaches (Excerpt from the upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien)

Come on now — admit it — we’re just no fun. We’re fad-like sometimes, in that being a “green” promoter can be seen as cool. But when it comes right down to it, we seem to be viewed as a pain in the ass. We aren’t too interested in telling you how to optimize your morning routine and productivity. We aren’t interested in telling you how to make more money and keep yourself seeming valuable to a…

A Counter-intuitive Mantra For An Ultra Fast-Paced Culture (from the upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien)

From the series “THIS WAY COME” — a path through the forest at Lake Lotus Park, Elie Wolf

As I sat in meditation last night, it came to me:

There is nowhere to arrive.

You might wonder if I hear voices.

No. I’d say it’s more like the emergence of an idea — spoken, yes, but somehow not — just being offered as advice for me to consider.

So consider it I will. For this entire week, I will keep it close, and I will turn it over in my mind. …

Excerpt From The Upcoming Book, Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien

“First, be a good animal.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

What makes a “good” animal? The descriptive “good” is highly subjective, so let’s start with successful.

First, be a successful animal.

But how to define successful?

That’s personal and unique too. For me, it goes something like this. My current state is that of a human primate in the modern era. I need to have my basic needs met like any other animal. I need food, shelter, and the ability to protect myself and my loved ones. Once those…

Thoughts About Deities — excerpt from my upcoming book The Musings Of A 21st Century Homo sapien

Religion and spirituality are not synonymous with morality and ethics. There are cases in which they align and are congruent, and cases in which they are not. There are many moral atheists and many immoral religionists.

Over the decades of my life, this primary question has played an enormous role, from the times of yearning to accept the familial belief system — as a child — to the time of rejecting the familial belief system — as a teenager — to the time…

Elie Wolf

amateur wildlife & conservation photographer. naturalist. the girl with the alligator tattoo.

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